The dynamic working environment has spurred me on to perform my best. In Pivotal, I get a "backstage view" of the company policies, operations and systems which directly impact everyone working here. Working as a close family, this is where I feel a sense of belonging.

Ms Goh L.Y., Director, Human Capital

I wanted to work at a place where excellence was the norm, whereby I would be surrounded by a group of elite comrades who would work as a close knit family. In Pivotal, that was where i found it. We receive world class training and mentorship from our leaders, and this allows us to deliver a value proposition to our clientele at a level far above our competitors. The "no-barriers" sharing culture and flat hierarchy meant that the potential of each and every one of us could be better harnessed. When I'm away from work, I do actually miss coming in, and the people here.

Mr Lim W.L., Manager

There’s a saying, if you want to be the best, be with the best. As I came from an engineering background in NTU, this career really open up my mind about financial industry. I haven’t looked back ever since the day I joined in June 2014. I really enjoy the environment and job a lot. Be the best you can be and soar with the eagles.

Mr Chua Y.X., NTU Graduate Class of 2014

As a fresh graduate, I wanted to seek a place that could groom me both in a professionally and personally. I always sought for job satisfaction and how I could create an impact in the lives of people that I meet. Coming here, being exposed to the mentorship of fellow peers and experienced seniors, I have come to develop a 'pay it forward' mentality to the people that I meet. The culture that I am being exposed here is somewhere that I believe that I would not be able to find out there. What I appreciate most is the 'no barrier' sharing concept where everyone can learn from each individual despite of the ranking & hierarchy that we have here.

Mr Oo B.C., NUS Graduate Class of 2015