Interview Preparation

Interviewing can be a daunting task for any professional, especially so for a fresh graduate. As such, our experienced recruitment team has come up with a guide to assist fresh graduates in their preparation for interviews.

Pre-Interview Preparation

Ensure that you are aware of the exact location of the interview, the directions to get there and the time of interview. It is natural to feel nervous before an interview. Your goal is to eliminate unnecessary nervousness by being well prepared and being punctual.

The Interview

It is important to establish yourself as a friendly, yet professional individual with everyone you meet in the organisation. You can do so by giving a firm handshake, sustained eye contact, a warm smile, good posture and introducing yourself in a relaxed and confident manner. A well-groomed, professional appearance is essential. Dress in a professional manner. Ensure that your hair is well groomed.

During the interview, do highlight your specific skills, attributes and achievements that are relevant to the organisation. It is your responsibilities to communicate information about yourself, as opposed to having the interviewer pry. When it is appropriate, highlight attributes which are relevant to the organisation.


Write notes about what happened as soon as you can. This is especially crucial if you are going to more than one interview in the same day, to prevent confusion of details between interviews.

This information will be of great help if you are invited back for a second interview. In addition, it can be a form of reflection for how you perform during the interview.

Closing the Interview

If you are keen to secure a role in the organisation, express your interest by asking about the next interview stage. If the interviewer offers you the job on the spot and you want it, accept it on the spot. If you need time to consider, be tactful in saying so and share your reasons for doing so. Provide a date as to when you will provide the organisation with an answer.

Even if you have not decided if this is the job for you, you will definitely want to leave a good impression on the interviewer – they should want to make you an offer even if you are not sure you would accept it.

Lastly, thank the interviewer.