Brand Story

To embark on a career can prove to be a pretty daunting task in today’s volatile economic climate for most young graduates, especially with the lack of experience and inclination in the right career choice. That is why in Pivotal, we aim to provide professional expertise in this exploration and we do this through the people we invest in - Our People.

The belief in equipping our people with a range of specialized skills to be prepared for tomorrow’s battle is synonymous to the focus on our training infrastructure and programmes. Every individual is organically unique and we recognised that value.

We strive to value-add you in providing the best service. We want to foster the kind of relationship with you that is built on trust. A trust in us that we can deliver for you. Because to us,

“You’re not just anyone.”

Mission & Vision


We believe in making a difference through every individual lives we touch because to us,

“You’re not just anyone.”


To serve as a social enterprise in providing aspire young graduates the opportunity to explore their career choices holistically in making sound career decisions that align with their long term goals.


To educate and enlighten young graduates to be acutely aware of different career options available and the importance of making a sound career choice for their future.

Corporate Culture

We pride ourselves in talent hunting for the right individuals with the right capabilities to ensure excellent fit for each of these individuals to their career and above all, to the Pivotal Culture. Our culture is based on three foundations: scouting the right talent, developing them to their full potential and conducting our business in line with our values.

At Pivotal, we believe there is no best job in the world but only great fit between the job and the individual performing it. Such a great fit can ensure jobs are constantly well done with expectations met or exceeded. The fit will also facilitate the achievement of immense career satisfaction for the individual.

After investing significantly to scout for the right talent, we believe in developing each individual to his or her full potential, thus enabling each member to grow along with the organisation. As one progresses in his or her career, responsibilities and career scope increase along with expectations of career growth. Hence, we at Pivotal place our investment in Our People, ensuring they are equipped with the right tools and resources to enable career development and maximise their potential.

Lastly, we are guided by our core values of Competence, Tenacity, Humility and Commitment. These values form the basis on how we perform our work and conduct ourselves professionally.

Corporate Values


We aspire to pursue excellence. Talent hunting for individuals with the right skill sets has allowed us to meet the demands of the markets. With the world changing at a much faster rate than before, we strive to evolve along with the changes through learning opportunities for individuals and the organisation.


We believe this is an important ingredient in reaching one’s goals. When met with a stumbling block, only those who persist are able to overcome the challenge. At Pivotal, milestones are reached as we find ways to overcome our challenges to achieve the goals that are met.


We embrace success and believe it must be accompanied by humility. We are proud of our achievement and confident of our capabilities; however we are not boastful ones. We also acknowledge that regardless of our success or achievement, it will be bound to continuous learning. For success with no humility will never last long.


We are committed in performing our roles to the best that we can be. Each of us is tasked with various roles and responsibilities. We strive to carry out these roles and responsibilities with a strong sense of duty and commitment.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Besides striving for the success of our organization, we believe in giving back to the society. Hence each year, we celebrate the founding of our organization by taking part in community projects, such as visits to the children’s homes and elderly homes. As we provide our beneficiaries to help for their basic household needs, we encourage our employees to participate in these visits actively and make annual donations to our partner charities to spread the spirit of value adding to our society.